Free Funnel Builder

These providers have free options to capture leads and build a list

This service seems to be the most generous of all the providers on this list. Your free account will allow you to have up to 2000 subscribers and unlimited email sends. Some other perks include the ability to set up a blog, integrate with Stripe or Paypal, and connect a custom domain.


Mailchimp offers you up to 2000 subscribers, but limits your email sends to 10,000 per month. You can build a website with unlimited pages and bandwidth. You can create a store with unlimited products. Connecting a domain is an additional paid option.

Mailer Lite

In some of their marketing material, they refer to themselves as a Mailchimp alternative. Their free account gives you 1000 subscribers and up to 12,000 emails per month. You can build unlimited websites. However, you do not have access to a store or the ability to sell anything. A custom domain is not even a paid option.

Get Response

This company is one of the premier providers of autoresponder services. Your free account gives you 500 contacts and unlimited email sends. You can connect your domain. The website builder has a bandwidth limit of 5 GB. There are no ecommerce options available with the free account.

Groove has so many tools, which makes them a top CRM and sales platform. Your free account will give you 500 contacts, but only 2500 emails per month. You can connect a custom domain. You can host 25 pages and 5 videos. Unlimited stores, products and payment integration are included. Be aware that the first paid tier is the most expensive of all the services mentioned in this list.

Leads Leap

Leads Leap is a combination of a tool suite and advertising platform, ideal for home based business marketers. Your free account allows you to create 10 lists with unlimited subscribers. You can create 10 pages, 10 pop up ads, and get access to unlimited tracking. There are no ecommerce or store options.

The top reason why you should use a paid autoresponder

The primary feature of a paid service is the ability to schedule a sequence, instead of just broadcasting to your list. This may also be known as drip feed or scheduling. Someone can receive a logical series of messages from you instead of everyone getting the same message, no matter when they became a subscriber.

You can use a sequence to train someone while you establish yourself as an educator and not just a sales person. Frequent contact is required to allow someone to trust you enough to give you their hard earned dollars.

You can always send a broadcast to your list to provide an important update. However, do not discount the importance of having the ability to focus your prospects in a specific direction with a logical contact sequence.