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The (Almost) Free Marketing Toolkit Action Guide

In this article, I outline a specific action plan for using free online tools to start your online business. Most of the tools are free, the cost per year with this action guide is about $25.00.

Website/Web hosting

This is one aspect of your online business where you should spend some money. You need a home base online. A free account can be taken away at any time. Your own website will establish credibility and help you get more affiliate approvals. You need to own as much of your published content online as possible.

BlueHost is the hosting provider for Free Tools Guy. Prices start as low as 2.95 per month when you pay in advance. However, I recommend the next tier of service so you can build multiple websites. Be willing to learn WordPress, and considering building a practice site.

Another option is the Profit Center, as low as $45 per year. A site with a theme will be created for you. Just drag and drop to customize your site. Hosting is included.

Domain Registrar

GoDaddy is the most well known registrar. The have multiple products and good tech support. However, they have a lot of coupons and what I refer to as gimmick pricing.

If you rarely need support, consider no frills registrars such as NameSilo and NameCheap for consistent, gimmick free pricing.

Namerific and Best Offer Domains sell domains that have been previously registered, but this comes with premium pricing.

You do not have to register a domain with your hosting provider, you can use any registrar. You just have to list the hosting provider’s name server information with the registrar.

For example BlueHost is:


An autoresponder is a tool that allows you to build a list and send the subscribers drip feed content at a rate you determine. You can also send the same message to all subscribers at any time.

I recommend looking at Systeme. This account give you access to several tools and allows you to have up to 2000 subscribers. This may be a good option for startup businesses, non profits, and consultants that are watching their start up costs until they are profitable.

I use Global NPN for Free Tools Guy subscribers. You can have unlimited subscribers for $17 per month. There are 3 additional membership levels that give you an increasing amount of tools for your online business.


These services do not fit into a specific category, but I recommend them because I use them now.

EasyBusinessBuilder An excellent site for building your banners and splash pages Provides clipart and graphics

GeneratePress Premium WordPress themes